How does compound interest work and how can it boost my superannuation?

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You are already benefiting from compound interest

If you’re a working Australian, the good news is you’re already benefiting from compound interest on your superannuation. Why? Because in Australia, your current employer pays 10% on top of your salary and invests it into your superannuation fund on your behalf, and because of the nature of your super (not being able to touch it until retirement), this means years and years (if not decades) of compound interest boosting your super saving.


An example of compound interest on superannuation in action…

Let’s look further into how compound interest on superannuation works overtime. Let’s imagine I gave you $1,000 to invest into your super fund which has an annual return of 10% (this would be extremely modest, but this is for argument’s sake).

  • Year one: In the first year you would make $100 dollars leaving you with a total of $1,100.
  • Year two: In the second year you would make $110, leaving you with a total of $1,210.
  • Year three: In the third year you would make $121, leaving you with a total of $1,331.
  • Year four: In the fourth year, you would have made $133.10, leaving you with a total of $1,464.10

As you can see, in just four years with just $1,000 you were able to make $464.10 from compounding interest on your super. What this is showing us, is that a little can become a lot over time.


Time is your friend, so don’t wait!

Your biggest asset when it comes to compound interest is time. Therefore, thinking about your superannuation now might be the smartest decision you make when it comes to your financial future.

Did you know that according to studies carried out in a survey in 2020 over 89% of young Australians have said they are “apathetic” towards their superannuation fund? It is believed that this generation’s nihilistic, passive attitude towards their super is because of two reasons:


  1. lack of education and knowledge, and
  2. there is no instant gratification when it comes to superannuation (you have to wait till retirement to benefit).


Both reasons are potentially true, however taking the time to navigate this and choose the right superannuation fund could mean drastically different results. Especially when you consider the nature of compounding interest as we have previously discussed. With some superannuation funds averaging a dismal 5% annual return, and others triumphing with 22% taking the time to choose your super fund can be a real game-changer.

When it comes to your super and compound interest, remember time is on your side. The sooner you choose the best super in which to invest, the longer compound interest can affect your results. To find out more about your super and how to get the best outcome from compound interest, please contact us.


With that said, I’ll leave you with the words of Albert Einstein… “compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.”

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