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Mintwell is partnered with Hub24, Australia’s fastest growing super fund. Hub24 yields long-term rewards that have made client satisfaction one of our strong points.


Mintwell offers coverage of life, disability, and income-protection insurance that you can’t find anywhere. We provide our clients with this option because we understand that life can surprise you with unexpected expenses at any given moment. This is an option for those who want a barrier of protection, and you will never be automatically charged.
Investment Options

Investment Options

Every super fund has its own unique strategy because everyone has a different vision for their future. Finding what works for you is our forte. The right strategy depends on the level of risk versus reward that you are comfortable with.

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What Makes Mintwell a Great Choice?

Personalised Services, Cutting-Edge Technology, and a Commitment to Your Financial Growth. Mintwell stands out as the preferred choice for superannuation excellence. Here’s what sets us apart.

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Dedicated Adviser

Dedicated Adviser

You're not alone after your plan has been set. A dedicated Mintwell adviser will collaborate with you to align your superannuation strategy with your future goals.

Real time App Access

Real-time App Access

Stay connected to your savings 24/7. Our Mintwell App offers instant access to your superannuation balance, providing you with real-time insights.


Investment Flexibility

Tailor your investments to your preferences while our advisers ensure they align with your values and long-term goals.

Early Retirement Vision

In-Depth Reports

Gain a detailed understanding of your super’s performance with our in-depth reports. Mintwell produces comprehensive investment and tax reporting via the latest technology solutions to ensure your plan is in sync with you.

Portfolio Returns


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*From 01.07.2023 to 31.01.2024

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Harness Control Over Your Super With ‘Hub 24’

Why Choose Mintwell’s HUB24 Wrap Platform?

Mintwell facilitates your super arrangement with HUB24 – a wrap platform that introduces unparalleled advantages to your financial journey. With the fastest growing super fund in the country, receive expert, personalised advice to maximise the potential of your super fund.

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Supplementary Insurance Options

Supplementary Insurance Options

Enjoy enhanced protection with Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD), Income Protection, and Life Insurance options.

Transparency and Diversification

Transparency and Diversification

Gain a clear understanding of your investments with transparent reporting and diversify your portfolio across various risk profiles.

Cost Savings and Tax Optimisation

Cost Savings and Tax Optimisation

Benefit from netting asset trades, reducing transaction fees, and optimise your tax strategy to save more.

Tailored Options

Tailored Options

Your Mintwell adviser can create a personalised portfolio aligned with your specific requirements, providing flexibility and control.

Benefits of Superannuation for Investors

As a savvy investor, your goals are only achievable by gaining control of your future. Mintwell offers a personalised experience with financial advisers at your hand throughout your journey. Here’s how Mintwell supports your path to prosperity:

Wealth Growth

Wealth Growth

Mintwell is your partner in strategising your super fund, ensuring your accumulating wealth actively appeals to the stages of life.

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

Take control of your financial future with Mintwell's tailored superannuation options, designed to empower individuals looking for growth and security.

Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance

Your financial adviser is dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of superannuation, providing personalised advice for your unique goals.

Tax Benefits

Tax Benefits

Thrive in profits when your super plan with Mintwell yields substantial tax benefits, allowing you to optimise your returns while minimising your tax liability.

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