Double the returns of traditional property

Please join us for the latest in our new, online series, focussed upon special opportunities in the Australian Property market.

Some key points covered:

▸ How current owners/investors are returning ~$900 per week, from a ~$550k investment, plus capital growth

▸ Why Adam Barclay believes (after more than 1300 interviews conducted by his firm) that this vehicle is set to revolutionise Australian property investing

▸ How clients are provided with full transparency throughout the process; including a 24/7 client portal which shows the exact stage of their investment’s development, with accompanying photos

▸ The overview of the initial/ongoing management process and service, including tenanting, screening and more

▸ How income can be assured, via insurance and/or guarantees from the developer/property-manager

▸ How financing is organised, for those who so wish

Please do reach out for any clarification at all. We are here to help.

▸ How to achieve a truly tailored fit, with a fully licensed (AFSL) advisory service

This event can be directly accessed at, or via the Members homepage.

Local Time:
26 Feb 2021 - 10 May 2021 |
4:00 am - 5:00 am

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